Kinds of Polygons

Lesson Plan in Mathematics IV

I. Objective
    Name different kinds of polygons.
    Values: Observing cleanliness.
II. Subject Matter
                  Different Kinds of Polygons
       References: Enfolding Mathematics IV
                             Growing with Mathematics IV
       Materials: computer
III. Procedure
        A. Preparatory Activities
             1. Drill
             2. Motivation
                  Identify the shape of the following pictures.

        B. Presentation
            1. Show different kinds of polygon. Let them count the number of sides.
            2. Ask them to name the different kinds of polygon.
        C. Generalization
              What are the different kinds of polygons?
        D. Fixing Skills
             Draw the polygons listed below.
            1. pentagon                     2. square                        3. octagon
        E. Application (Group Activity)
            Give examples of things having:
             1. 4 sided polygon
             2. 7 sided polygon
             3.  9 sided polygon
IV. Evaluation
       Name the following polygons.

V. Assignment
     Bring different objects that take the shape of different polygons.    



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